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Residence Hall Linens

Florida Institute of Technology Residence Hall Linens and College Bedding Program

Florida Institute of Technology has been providing students with the Residence Hall Linens program since 1997. All residence hall rooms on campus have extra-long mattresses that call for specially-sized sheets, blankets and comforters. These extra-long beds (more than 76 inches in length) are designed to maximize your student’s comfort.

Our Campus Market provides a wide selection of custom-sized linens guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to last until graduation. Our goal each year is to make sure students and parents have the right size residence hall bedding for move-in, since these XL sheets can be harder to find. We also provide a variety of extra-long comforters, extra-long mattress pads, extra-long thermal blankets, pillows, storage solutions and anything else you might need for your new residence hall room.

The best selection of college bedding is available to parents and students who respond early. All our residence hall room accessories and bedding are ensured by a 100% satisfaction guarantee through graduation. You may return your linens for a full refund, if you are ever dissatisfied with our bedding.


“My time is limited and ordering from your company was hassle-free and probably saved countless hours of shopping and driving. Very user friendly. Thanks.” - B. Breaux

“You made this process very easy and we appreciate how fairly priced your merchandise is compared to store vendors.” - B. Donadio

“This was actually one of, if not THE, easiest thing for me to accomplish for my son, Thank you for making this process easier....great job.” - W. Klein

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