Responsibilities and Policies

Students are responsible for maintaining a clean room and/or apartment. Students are responsible for emptying trash and cleaning personal and common areas of the room or apartment.

On-Campus Housing Policies

All students are expected to abide by the policies set forth in the Florida Tech Student Handbook. Residential students should pay particular attention to those listed under Res Life.

Damages and Inspections

It is each student's responsibility to keep his/her room/apartment clean and orderly. Periodic health and safety inspections occur during the semester. Charges will be assessed for damages to or unauthorized use of residence hall rooms/apartments and equipment including alterations made to a room or building, and/or for special cleaning the University feels is necessary. All students are responsible for properly disposing of their garbage in the appropriate waste receptacles. Charges will be assessed to any student who does not comply with this requirement. Students living in the residence halls and apartments are responsible for knowing and observing all University regulations and policies as set forth in official publications.

Common Area Damages

Damages to the common areas may be charged to all residents in that area, suite, wing, floor, or building. Payment will be required upon billing. The University may withhold all grades and/or transcripts until all monies due are paid in full.