Workday Benefit Guides

View your Benefits

Benefits, Dependents, and Beneficiaries will be setup, elected, and tracked in Workday.

  1. Select the Benefits Application from Home Page
  2. Select the desired link to view (or change information), current Employee cost displays

    Workday benefits window

  3. Select Benefit Elections to view current elections
    1. Each Benefit will display on a separate line
    2. Coverage column will indicate what coverage has been elected
    3. Dependents columns will display covered dependents
    4.  Employee and Employer cost per biweekly pay period will display
      1. These rates are based on 26 pay periods, the conversion to 20-pay elections happens in payroll

Workday Benefits Election Window

Add and Edit Beneficiary Information

To add a New Beneficiary

  1. Select the Benefit Application from Home Page
  2. To add a new Beneficiary, you must select the Benefits option, once you have a beneficiary in the system you can edit them by selecting the Beneficiaries option. Edit directions are at the end of this document.
  3. Once you have clicked on Benefits, the following screen will appear. To add a new beneficiary, click on Beneficiary Change, then your Benefit Event Date is Today’s date. You do not need to upload any attachments to add a beneficiary. Click submit
    Workday - Add Beneficiary 1
  4. The following “Up Next” screen will appear, you can click on Open to start the process now or you can click Done and it’ll be sent to your Inbox and you can work on it later.
  5. Once you open the event you’ll click on “Let’s Get Started”
  6. The Insurance screen will appear, and you’ll see the Basic Life, Basic AD&D, and (if you have them) Voluntary Life, and Voluntary AD&D. You’ll click on Manage at the bottom of each benefit.
    Workday - Add Beneficiary 2
  7. The plan will show up grayed out, you’ll click on the “Confirm and Continue” orange box at the bottom.
  8.  This will take you to the following screen where you will add your beneficiaries by clicking on the “+” button.
    Workday - Add Beneficiary 3
  9.  Click on Add New Beneficiary or Trust as this will be the first time you are adding someone, once you add their information you can then add them to other benefits by using the Add Existing Beneficiary option.
  10.  The required fields are Relationship, Country, First Name, Last Name. You must also click on Contact Information and provide an address. The more information you provide the easier it is to locate the person in the event of your death.
    Workday - Add Beneficiary 4
  11.  Once you have saved their information, you’ll see them show up on the Beneficiary line. You’ll need to add a percentage to that person. You can have 100% going to one person or you can add more beneficiaries by clicking on the “+” and going through the process again. The total percentages must equal 100%.
  12.  Secondary Beneficiaries are not required but you can add them if you like. These are people who would get the benefit if your Primary Beneficiaries are no longer alive.
  13.  Once you click Save, your changes have now been updated but not submitted. You’ll need to go into the remaining Life and AD&D and add beneficiaries to those benefits as well. You will not have to add the person’s information again as they will come up as options under Existing Beneficiary.

    Workday - Add Beneficiary 5

  14. Once you have added beneficiaries to each of the benefits click on Review and Sign at the bottom of the screen.
  15.  The View Summary page will appear, and it’ll show all your beneficiaries listed for each of the benefits. You’ll scroll down to the bottom and check the “I Accept” box and then Submit. No attachments are needed for beneficiaries.
  16.  The Submitted screen will appear, and you can print a copy for your records or just click Done. This completes the process.

To Edit a Beneficiary

  1. Select the Benefit Application from Home Page
  2. To edit an existing Beneficiary, click on the Beneficiaries option in the Change box.
  3. The Beneficiaries screen will appear with a list of your beneficiaries. Click on the Edit to the right of their name.
  4. The following screen will appear, and you’ll click on the pencil icon to edit each field.
  5. Once you are done making changes to all the fields you can click Submit and Done, the process is complete.

    Workday - Change Beneficiary

Edit Dependent Information

Edit Dependent personal information: address, birthday, phone number, etc. This process is not to add a NEW Dependent, see Benefits – Life Event Change Benefit job aid.

  1. Select the Dependents Application from Home Page
  2. Select the Dependents link in the Change box

    Workday Benefits - Dependent Change Option Selected

  3. If you have current approved dependents, their names will be listed in this step.
    1. To the right of each name there is an Edit link
    2. Once in the Edit screen, an Effective date and Reason must be selected.
    3. Demographic information can be edited and saved

      Workday Benefits - Dependent Options Window

Gym Membership Enrollment or Edit

This feature is where you can enroll or edit a Clemente Gym Membership. This type of benefit change can be done any time of the year.

  1. Select the Benefits Application from Home Page
  2. Select the Benefits link in the Change box
  3. Select Gym Membership as the Change Reason

    Workday Gym Membership steps graphic 1

  4. Use today’s date or a future date, you can not back date this change. The change to your membership will take place on the first of the month following the date you use in this benefit change.
  5. This type of benefit change does not require attachments to be uploaded.
  6. Click on the Submit link.
  7. The Up Next screen below will appear, click on Open to finish the process now or Done and the event will be saved in your inbox to work on later.
  8. The following screen will appear, click on Let’s Get Started
  9. The Gym Membership screen will appear, and you’ll see Enroll if you haven’t enrolled yet or Manage if you already have a membership, but you would like to edit it.
  10. If you are enrolling for the first time, you’ll click Select and the Confirm and Continue at the bottom of the screen.

    Workday Gym Membership steps graphic 2

  11. The coverage screen will appear, and you’ll select which coverage level you would like and then Save. This coverage level goes to the Clement Center and they’ll ask for your dependent’s information for their membership.
  12. The Gym Membership screen will reappear and show you the cost. You’ll then click Review and Sign

    Workday Gym Membership steps graphic 3

  13. The View Summary screen will appear, and you’ll scroll down to the bottom and check the “I Agree” box and then Submit
  14. The Submitted screen will appear, and you can print a copy for your records or click Done and the process is finished.

Setting up and Connecting to Workday on a Mobile Device

Updating TRACKS

  1. TRACKS username was issued when you started your employment at Florida Tech
    1. In most cases, ID’s are first initial and last name
      1. In some cases, last names may be shortened if longer than 7 letters
    2. It is also the beginning of the email address
  2. If you know TRACKS username, but forgot password:
    1. Log onto one of the Florida Tech applications
      1. Workday will work for authentication
    2. Click the “Forgot your TRACKS Password” below the login button
    3. Answer security questions
    4. If you forgot your answers, contact Tech Support at 321-674-7284
  3. If you do not know TRACKS username or password:
    1. Contact Tech Support 321-674-7284

Connecting to Florida Tech Wi-Fi "eduroam"

Android Devices:

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and open the Wi-Fi networks. Tap on “eduroam” to connect
  2. Enter TRACKS username in the Identity field followed by Example:
  3. Scroll down to the password field, type TRACKS password
  4. Tap “Connect”

    Wifi Conection graphic for Android phones

Apple Devices (iOS):

  1. Open Settings and choose Wi-Fi
  2. Enter TRACKS username followed by Example: Then type TRACKS password
  3. Tap “Join”

    Wifi Conection graphic for ios phones

Downloading the Duo Application and Workday Application

Download Duo Mobile:

  1. Log on to “App Store” or “Google Play Store” on wireless device
  2. Type Duo Mobile in the search bar
  3. The logo looks like this:
    Duo Mobile App Logo
  4. Download the application

Download Workday Mobile application

  1. Log on to the “App Store” or Google Play Store” on wireless Device
  2. Type Workday in the search bar
  3. The logo looks like this:
    workday app logo
  4. Download the application

Logging into Workday Mobile

  1. Locate Workday Mobile Application
  2. Enter the organization code “floridatech”, or scan the QR code below.
  3. Enter TRACKS username and password
  4. Click “log-in”
  5. Complete Duo authentication
    1. If first time using DUO, Click the “What is this” below the Florida Tech Logo, will bring to the Duo website with step by step instructions
  6. If successful, Workday Mobile Dashboard will be displayed on screen

    Workday QR Code
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