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Industrial Security

Briefings and Education

The Facility Security Officer (FSO) or Designee Person(s) will be responsible for the implementation, administration, and coordination of security briefings. The FSO will be responsible for ensuring all appropriate Florida Tech employees participate in Florida Tech's Security Education/Awareness Program.

When access to classified information is essential in the performance of a contract, employees will be cleared to the highest level authorized under the contract, and debriefed upon termination of employment or as otherwise specified.

Briefing Prior to Access to Classified Information

The employee must execute Standard Form 312, Classified Information Non- Disclosure Agreement prior to accessing classified information. The Standard Form 312 will be forwarded to Defense Security Service (DSS) if one is not already indicated in Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) and a copy kept in the employee's security file. In addition, the individual will be briefed on their obligation to safeguard classified information. The FSO will advise the employee of the importance of the classified material and inform them of their responsibilities.

Employees who refuse to execute SF 312 will forfeit their approval to access classified information. The FSO shall inform the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and notify their supervisor of the employee's refusal.

Annual Refresher Briefings

At least annually, each cleared employee will be briefed concerning responsibilities to safeguard classified information, the hostile intelligence threat and methods of operations, and the local security procedures. The FSO may use one or several means to distribute the material and ensure that each cleared employee is given an opportunity to refresh themselves on their obligations and responsibilities to protect classified material under their control. The FSO shall retain a record of each briefing, identifying each employee who has completed the annual requirement.


When a cleared employee, who has been granted a security clearance, either terminates employment (including discharge, resignation, or retirement), or departs on a leave of absence (for an indefinite period or longer than one year) he/she shall be debriefed by the FSO or Designee Person(s). The FSO shall separate the employee within JPAS and place their security file in retention for 2 years.

Employees who are placed on long-term disability may be debriefed administratively, and will be re-briefed upon their return to work. The FSO shall inform the supervisor of which action is being taken prior to taking such action. In addition, if the FSO determines to debrief the employee, the FSO or supervisor shall advise the employee that he/she is no longer in access under Florida Tech's authority.