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To maintain accreditation with SACSCOC, the university must comply with the standards articulated in the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement and with the policies and procedures of the Commission. 

Additional guidance and resources related to the Principles of Accreditation can be found in its accompanying Resource Manual.

During the ten-year reaffirmation, the university demonstrates compliance will all standards, policies, and procedures of the Commission.  The university continually remains in compliance with all standards. 

For the Fifth-Year Interim Report, due in 2021, the university is required to make the case for compliance with twenty-two of the standards.  For reference, those standards are listed below.

StandardStandard Name
5.4 Qualified administrative/academic officers 
CR 6.1  Full‐time faculty 
6.2.b.  Program faculty 
6.2.c Program coordination 
CR 8.1  Student Achievement 
8.2.a.  Student outcomes: educational programs 
CR 9.1  Program Content 
CR 9.2  Program length 
10.2 Public information 
10.3 Archived information 
10.5 Admissions policies and practices 
10.6 Distance and correspondence education 
10.7 Policies for awarding credit 
10.9 Cooperative academic arrangements 
CR 12.1 Student Support Services
12.4 Student complaints
13.6 Federal and state responsibilities
13.7 Physical Resources
13.8 Institutional environment
14.1 Publication of accreditation status
14.3 Comprehensive institutional reviews
14.4 Representation to other agencies
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