Full-time FTIC Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention & Graduation Rates

82% of Florida Tech's 2019 cohort of first-time, full-time degree seeking freshmen returned in fall 2020.  

60% of the 2014 first-time, full-time degree seeking cohort completed their degee within six years of entering Florida Tech.

Please see breakdowns of six year graduation rate for the 2014 cohort by required demographics below.

By Gender

GenderNumber6 Year Grad Rate
Male 304/555 54.8%
Female 158/211 74.9%

By Race/Ethnicity

Race/EthnicityNumber6 Year Grad Rate

America Indian or Alaska Native

4/6 66.7%
Asian 14/26 53.8%
Black or African American 25/49 51.0%
Hispanic 34/61 55.7%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 8/12 66.7%
White 186/306 60.8%
Two or More Races 7/13 53.8%
Unknown 21/35 60.0%
International 163/258 63.2%

By Aid Status

Aid StatusNumber6 Year Grad Rate
Entering with a Pell 90/165 54.5%
Entering with a Stafford but not a Pell 121/188 64.4%
Entered with neither a Stafford nor a Pell 251/413 60.8%

Student Right To Know

Student Right to Know Graduation Rate data can be found in the following document which is reported to the NCAA annually as required.

NCAA Grad Rate Reporting - Student Right to Know