American Cultural Experience Series (ACES)

The American Cultural Experience Series (ACES) is designed to provide a unique opportunity to experience the United States and connect directly with Americans. Our objective, in accordance with that of the Exchange Visitor Program is to promote mutual understanding and foster the sharing of perspectives and experiences. The program includes activities and programs both on and off–campus, and offers Exchange Visitors opportunities to explore American culture. No matter how long you are here, ACES provides you and your families with opportunities to participate in fun activities, which also increase cultural learning. These activities have been selected to combine typical American activities with the best of the local events.

We’ve planned a series of both on-campus and off-campus events and you are welcome to join as many or as few as you like. Best of all, we are happy to offer these activities at no or little cost to you! 

  • Local trip series schedule

  • Multicultural Campus Events:  BBQ's, Multicultural Dinners and Coffee Hours, join us at any or all of these programs!

  • International Festival

ACES Pumpkin Carving Party Photo Gallery

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