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ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship


The Commercial Space Studies graduate certificate program consists of four fully-accredited courses and a team project. The credits are currently transferable to Florida Tech and select partner universities with other university acceptances planned in the future. 
If you are interested in transferring the ISU-CSE courses to your home university, please reach out via the contact page.

Students successfully completing all four courses of ISU-CSE will receive a Graduate Certificate in Commercial Space Programs.

BUS 5027: Global Commercial Space Programs

Gives students tools to become effective leaders in the commercial space sector through historical perspective, identifying key industry characteristics, understanding business strategy and commercialization processes, and assessment of current enterprises. Students will end this immersive course by making presentations evaluating the various participants using the analytical tools described throughout the course.

ENM 5201: Space Technology and Systems

Provides a broad overview of the fundamentals of space technology and its applications in space systems at a sufficient level for the management and assessment of technical programs. Attention will be given to the scientific and engineering fundamentals of launch vehicles, spacecraft systems, and subsystem. Students will be evaluated based on their understanding of technical concepts or ideas related to space systems and their participation in a small-group design activity.

HUM 5131: Global Space Policy and Law

Provides students with a realistic simulation of a global policy event involving international governmental actors and major industry players. Students will be assessed on their communication skills when dealing with actual senior figures in government, industry and academia, who will be participating in the course, and will gain an understanding of global space policy.

BUS 5025: Technological Entrepreneurship in Space

A practical, interactive class that involves identifying high-impact, high-potential commercial opportunities including repeatable and scalable business models. In this course, students will experience all the pressures and demands of the real world in an early stage startup, and will work as a team to turn an idea into an opportunity.

Excellence in Space Entrepreneurship (EISE) Team Project

A survey of the skills, strategies and characteristics needed to launch and manage a successful entrepreneurial space venture. The course uses texts, case studies, speakers and current events to introduce foundational entrepreneurship concepts (strategy, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, management) in the context of commercial spaceflight. A summary team business project and pitch will be the final deliverable.