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ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship


Due to COVID-19, the 2020 cohort is now a hybrid online program.
Visit About the Program to learn more.

Proven industry and academic figures, including NASA experts and private sector pioneers, serve as faculty and lecturers of the Commercial Space Studies program. 

Henry Hertzfeld 

Henry Hertzfeld, Ph.D.
Director, Space Policy Institute
George Washington University

Angie Burkley  Angie Bukley, Ph.D.
Sr. Strategist & Chief Systems Engineer

The Aerospace Corporation

Chad Anderson  Chad Anderson
Space Angels
Greg Autry 

Greg Autry, Ph.D. 
Professor, Clinical Entrepreneurship
University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business

Andy Aldrin 

Andrew Aldrin, Ph.D.
Center for Space Entrepreneurship

Peter Eckart

Peter Eckart, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Advisor
Member, Aldrin Space Institute Advisory Board