Florida Tech Campus

Machine and Welding Shop

Training Classes

  • Intro to Subtractive Manufacturing
    - Introduction to safe operation of hand tools, band saws, and drill presses. A prerequisite for any hands on class
  • Big Manual Mill
    - Safe operation of large manual mill covering facing, drilling, and tolerancing
  • Big Manual Lathe
    - Safe operation of large manual lathe covering turning, drilling, and tolerancing
  • Design for Composites
    - Prerequisite lecture for Intro to Composite Layups covering basics of composite part and assembly design
  • Respirator Certification
    - Prerequisite OSHA respirator certification for Intro to Composite Layups
  • Intro to Composite Layups
    - Covers basic vacuum bagging and hand layups for composite parts and assemblies
  • Intro to Welding
    - Prerequisite lecture for Welding covering basics of welding
  • Welding
    - Safe operation of basic steel MIG welding
  • Intro to CNCs
    - Prerequisite lecture for Tormach CNC covering CNC basic theory
  • Tormach CNC
    - Safe operation of basic 3-axis Tormach CNC