Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

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Doing Business With University Marketing

Thanks for your interest in working with the marketing and communications team at Florida Tech.

We wrote this page out of genuine interest in saving you, and us, precious time.

To be successful in developing a productive business relationship with us, please keep the following in mind:

  • We respect your time so we will never be too polite to tell you we're not interested or to suggest a better time to connect.
  • We are very rarely seeking new advertising opportunities, marketing services or products. Mostly, we're refining, focusing, optimizing and enhancing the great stuff we've already lined up.
  • We really, really, really want to do our jobs well. This requires us to keep close guard of our time and attention. Sometimes that means not answering the phone when we don't recognize the number, or letting sales emails fall off our radar. We apologize in advance if this impacts you. We also know you will understand.
  • We always expect the same care and attention we receive from sales and business development professionals from the onboarding and support staff of the companies we work with. So if you're really good at your job and get us to do business with you, please make sure you leave us in the best of hands.
  • We do not appreciate it when our email addresses are added to mailing lists that we did not request to be on. We do not enjoy opting-out of lists we never opted-in to. Please don't add us to your lists unless we've reached out to you.
  • We are bound by an official, prescribed, lockstep, necessary and mandatory purchasing/procurement process. Sometimes, it takes longer than we expect it to. We ask for your patience and understanding. We're rarely able to rush anything, so we seldom take advantage of last-minute, time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Never has going around us or over our heads resulted in a good business relationship. Please do not approach faculty, deans, VPs or the president's office with advertising offers. It is a waste of their time and yours.
  • Our fiscal year runs May through April and we prefer to sign year-long contracts that align with this schedule. This means that anything long term or subscription-based that we're considering, we're usually anticipating a May start date.

To offer us a product or service, please send a detailed pitch, including pricing information, to It has been our experience that companies prefer not to share pricing information until we have viewed a demo or presentation. Because this process has cost us many hours, we no longer consider unsolicited pitches without upfront pricing information. We will review your information and consider it as we plan for the future. Thank you for your interest in working with us!