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COVID-19 Campus Signage

The following resources, part of the Florida Tech Safe initiative, are available to download, print on demand and post as needed to clearly communicate university safety practices.

This signage can also be ordered directly through the Digital Store Front at the Copy Center. If you need additional signage with messaging unique to your area, please submit a service request to Creative Services. 

Educational Signage

Poster showing CDC guidance regarding COVID symptoms

Know the Symptoms

Wash Your Hands signage

Wash Your Hands

Overview of Standard Precautions Sign

Standard Precautions


Stop the spread poster

Stop the Spread


Marking Pathways

One Way - Left Sign

One Way - Left Sign

One Way - Forward Sign

One Way - Forward Sign

One Way - Right Sign

One Way - Right Sign

Entrance Only sign

Entrance Only 


One way floor decal

One Way Floor Decal 

Exit Only sign

Exit Only

Floor decal - crimson 

Floor Decal – Crimson 

Floor decal

Floor Decal – Gray 

Floor decal - yellow 

Floor Decal – Yellow 


Social Distancing

Not in Use Sign

Not in Use

This area closed sign

Area Closed

Social distancing sign

Social Distancing

Elevator Capacity sign 

Elevator Capacity 

Computer not in use sign 

Computer Not in Use 



Precautionary Procedures

Face covering required

Face Covering Required

Entering a face covering zone

Face Covering Zone

Face Covering Required Indoors signage

Face Covering Required Indoors signage

Closed For Cleaning

Closed For Cleaning

Temp screening 

 Temperature Screening

Sanitize your hands 

Sanitize Your Hands

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