Color Palette

Speaking with Color

Florida Tech’s primary colors—crimson and gold—should appear prominently in all university publications. As athletes, the Panthers are crimson and gray, and athletic communications reflect that.

The primary colors may be complemented by a palette of accent colors to add liveliness and depth to a layout. These colors complement the primary scheme while representing key components of the Florida Tech brand. Choose between the vibrant or subtle palette based on the audience and purpose of a publication. For example, a brochure targeting high school-age prospective students would favor a vibrant palette, while a newsletter for donors would use a subtle palette.

Follow these Guidelines

  • Do prioritize use of the primary colors—crimson and gold.
  • Do use crimson and gray for Athletics.
  • Do add accent colors sparingly for visual dimension and interest.
  • Don’t use accent colors alone or substitute different colors.

Color palette