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Subunit and Affiliate Logos

Subunit Logos

The primary university logo is the preferred and recommended choice for all publications and advertising materials. It is always used for national publications or on marketing materials distributed outside the state of Florida.

However, there may be instances where colleges, specialized centers or research institutes need to identify themselves, by name, as part of the university. In these situations, these areas may attach their names to the university master brand. This option is available for use where it will most effectively communicate to the intended audience.

The Executive Council determines which entities may use subunit logos. Contact the Office of Creative Services for design assistance of approved subunit logos.

Subunit logos

Affiliate Logos

At times, it may be necessary to develop a distinct identity separate from anything that already exists. Prior to development, the requesting entity must be able to demonstrate particular and unique circumstances that call for a separate identity. The mission of the entity and how it relates to the university will help determine whether a separate identity will be developed. The Executive Council will evaluate and approve any new affiliate logos.

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