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MarComm Toolbox

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Typography and Color Palette

The following typefaces complement the logo and are recommended for use on all printed materials. Condensed and variable weight versions of approved type families are allowed. Times New Roman may be substituted for Fairfield. Arial (or Helvetica) may be substituted for Myriad Pro.

Serif Typeface: Fairfield

Primary Serif Font

Sans Serif Typeface: Myriad Pro

Sans Serif Font

Color Palette

Florida Tech's primary colors are crimson, gold and black. 



 PMS: 202 

 Hex: 990000

 CMYK: 0, 100, 61, 43



 PMS: 871 

 Hex: N/A

 CMYK: 20, 25, 60, 25



 PMS: N/A 

 Hex: 333333

 CMYK: 60, 40, 40, 100


Secondary colors include sun yellow and gray. 

Sun yellow

 Sun Yellow

 PMS: 121 

 Hex: EECC33

 CMYK: 0, 11, 69, 0



 PMS: 424 


 CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 61