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Heading levels 1-6 should be used to reflect the organization of content on a page.

People with vision impairments may use a screen reader to navigate a webpage. Screen readers can use headings to create an outline of content to help users navigate the page.

Best Pactices

While headings do include unique styling they are not intended to be used as a means of styling text.

Don’t skip heading levels except where starting a new section.

Only use one heading level 1 per page. 

If you need text styling beyond built-in styles such as bold or italics please submit a service request.

Extra Tips for Terminal Four:

The first heading that appears on your page will be heading level 2 and it will contain the name of your content type. Depending on how your content is structured you probably want to start with a heading level 3.

Heading level 1 should not be used on the page. The Heading Level 1 will always be the name of the section in which the page is located. 

How to set a heading style in Terminal Four

  1. While editing content locate the toolbar and open the “Format” menu
  2. select “Formats”
  3. select “Headings”
  4. select the desired heading level

Guidelines and Additional Resources:

WCAG Success Criterion 1.3.1 Info and Relationships

WCAG Success Criterion 2.4.6 Headings and Labels

WebAIM Article on Semantic Structure and use of Headings and Lists