Include appropriate column and/or row headings. Avoid the use of tables for layout. 

Screen readers typically navigate tables one cell at a time and announce associated header cells to help users understand relationships among the information being presented. 

Best Practices

Use tables to present data. Tables should not be used to force a layout such as adding columns or placing a block of text directly next to an image.

Avoid merged or split cells and nested tables.

Simple tables up to 10x10, including headings, can be created as needed in Terminal Four.

If you need help with a larger or more complex table or the layout of your page please submit a service request.

Creating a Table with headings in Terminal Four:

  1. While editing content open the “Table” menu located in the toolbar
  2. Select “Insert table with column headings” or “Insert table with column and row headings” depending on your needs
  3. A grid will appear allowing you to select the size of your table and insert it on the page.
  4. Replace heading cell text with appropriate labels.
  5. Add data to data cells.

Additional Resources

WebAIM Article on Creating Accessible Tables

WCAG Guideline 1.3.1 Info and Relationships