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Math Advancement Center

Tutoring Appointments

Note: GSAs and Tutors are available to help you anytime during the MAC hours; an appointment is not necessary. Time with tutors is quite limited, but our experienced GSAs are here to help.

  1. Check the schedule below 
  2. Contact Christen Gates at, in person (located in MAC, Quad 405) or at (321) 674-7109
    Please add the following information when making an appointment:
    • Time & Date of appointment (appointments are no more than 30 minutes long, and can be made no more than one week in advance.)
    • Tutor & Topic/Reason for appointment.

Need same-day help? You can't find your class here? Check also the walk-in schedule.

All tutors can teach up to Calc 3. See here for a detailed list of tutor qualifications.

Green means available Purple means not available Special session