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Senior Design


Environmental Health and Safety Requirements (EH&S) for College of Engineering and Science (COES) Senior Design Projects

All projects must be registered with the Director of Engineering laboratories:

  • Juan Arbelaez 
  • (321) 674-8620
  • Harris Student Design Center, rm. 107

Safety Plan

Projects are required to submit and revise a safety plan with EH&S until approved, before any project material may be purchased or construction may begin.

Ensure all risk have been mitigated before turning in documentation to EH&S.

Florida Tech’ Risk Assessment Policy:

Test Plan

 Projects are required to have a test plan approved by the advising faculty for the project.


Projects are expected to present/display at the Northrop/Grumman Showcase in April. Project displays must conform to all applicable Federal, State, County & City Codes and regulations. Project displays must also meet all requirements of the chosen campus venue. Displays must be coordinated thru Juan Arbelaez. Displays will be inspected by the EH&S the day of showcase. Display modifications required by the EH&S to meet compliance requirements per the onsite inspection are mandatory and may result in changes to the display. It is highly recommend that the EH&S  is consulted about your display well before the showcase to prevent and unnecessary surprises.

Disposal Plan

Projects must have a written plan approved for final disposition of their project. This plan will include how University assets used in the project will be disposed or re-used in the future after the project academic term is completed. Projects without an approved plan may be summarily disposed at the discretion of the EH&S/COES.