Senior Design


Environmental Health and Safety Requirements (EH&S) for College of Engineering and Science (COES) Senior Design Projects

All projects must be registered with the Director of Engineering laboratories:

Juan Arbelaez, 

(321) 674-8620 Olin Engineering Complex, rm. 213


Peter Zappala,

Assistant Director of Student Projects, L3Harris Student Design Center

(321) 674-8619

Safety Plan

Projects are required to submit and revise a safety plan with EH&S until approved, before any project material may be purchased or construction may begin. Ensure there is a detail map showing where the experiment will take place. Where personnel will be located; emergency equipment location; and the location of equipment that will be tested.

Ensure all risk have been mitigated before turning in documentation to EH&S.

Florida Tech’ Risk Assessment Policy:

Test Plan

 Projects are required to have a test plan approved by the advising faculty for the project.


Projects are expected to present/display at the Northrop/Grumman Showcase in April. Project displays must conform to all applicable Federal, State, County & City Codes and regulations. Project displays must also meet all requirements of the chosen campus venue. Displays must be coordinated thru Juan Arbelaez. Displays will be inspected by the EH&S the day of showcase. Display modifications required by the EH&S to meet compliance requirements per the onsite inspection are mandatory and may result in changes to the display. It is highly recommend that the EH&S  is consulted about your display well before the showcase to prevent and unnecessary surprises.

Disposal Plan

Projects must have a written plan approved for final disposition of their project. This plan will include how University assets used in the project will be disposed or re-used in the future after the project academic term is completed. Ensure that you have worked out the cost of disposal of any chemicals that will not be used by the University into your plan. Projects without an approved plan may be summarily disposed at the discretion of the EH&S/COES.

Safety Training

The following will be the minimum training that is needed before EH&S will provide any approval of Senior Design Projects(additional training maybe needed):

Required for all Senior Design Projects:

  • Emergency and Fire Preparedness
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

Additional Training Requirements:

  • Hazardous Waste Management - Required if your project will generate hazardous waste
  • Compresses Gas Safety - Required if working with any compressed gas 
  • Process Safety Management - Required if working with explosive chemicals and/or chemically propelled rockets or projectiles.
  • Hazard Communication - Required if working with chemicals
  • University Laboratory Safety (3 lessons) - Required if working in a laboratory containing chemicals

Transportation of hazardous material

EH&S will not support the movement of hazardous material in plan projects due to environmental/pollution liability concerns. Individuals taking on movement of hazardous material on their own, assumes the risk and the responsibility of financial liability if a spill occurs on public access roads.

Storage of Jet A Fuel

EH&S will not support the storage of Jet A fuel on Florida Tech grounds. Please make arrangements external to Florida Tech with a providing vendor. Note: This is due to liability insurance.