Online Learning at Florida Tech

Online Learning at Florida Tech

Message from the VP

This is an incredibly exciting time for online learning. Florida Institute of Technology has embarked on a new era of excellence. Our faculty members are superb and include numerous practicing professionals teaching in the subject matter in which they are employed. Online learning students are of high caliber and continually increasing in quality and substance. All staff members are committed to providing the best possible service, enabling students working full-time to obtain their associate's, bachelor’s or master’s degrees from anywhere in the world.

Enrollments in our online learning courses continue to grow. The number of degree programs available online has reached 47.

By offering online learning degree programs, Florida Tech continues to respond to the changing, and often challenging, needs of all professionals in business, industry and government. Graduates of our programs tell us that the technology-driven global economy of the Information Age rewards individuals who are well-grounded in fundamental knowledge and can adapt to rapid and unrelenting change -- skills, knowledge, and values found in our programs.

It is our mission to assist the entire Florida Tech community in providing quality education, by furthering knowledge through basic and applied research, and serving the diverse needs of our local, state, national and international constituencies by delivering, through the appropriate technologies, courses and programs in discipline areas where Florida Tech has significant, recognized strengths.

Our university will continue to play a key role in shaping the future of e-learning. My primary goal--and that of the Office of Online Learning, working in concert with the academic units--is to constantly strive to reach and exceed all expectations. I am sure you will be pleased with the results. We promise to remain committed to being high-touch in a high-tech world.

Great success in your educational endeavors,

Brian Ehrlich
Vice President
Online Learning and Off-Campus Education
Florida Institute of Technology