Tuition Information

Payment Rates and Tuition

The following time status applies to the 8 week terms for undergraduate and graduate students. The VA is the final authority in approving time status levels based on the number of credit hours completed in an accelerated term.

Full Time 6 6*
¾ time 4 N/A
½ time 3 3
¼ time 1 N/A

*Please note graduate students are required to complete two terms at half-time status before becoming full-time students.

For more information about payment rates please see the payment tables.

Tuition Assistance

Active Duty students utilizing their Tuition Assistance need to send their authorization forms to the Bisk Billing Department via their secure eFax line 1-800-497-3405. Active Duty ARMY students can request Tuition Assistance through the GoArmyEd Portal.


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