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Student Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered for my first class; does that mean that I am admitted?
No, registration and admission are two different things. Florida Tech allows students to register for up to two 8-week terms while completing the admissions process. To be officially admitted, all documents and transcripts must be reviewed and approved. A formal letter of admission will be sent to your Florida Tech email account. Please note that individual situations vary, and your enrollment representative can confirm where you are in the process.

Am I required to attend class on holidays? How will I know if school is closed?
Both Florida Tech and Bisk observe national holidays, and students are not required to participate in classes on such days. In the case of an emergency closure of Florida Tech or Bisk, if classes are still able to operate, they will continue. In the rare case that the Learning Management System is unavailable for maintenance reasons, classes will resume as quickly as possible, and students should check the Bisk website regularly for updates.

I need accommodations during my class this term. How do I get help?
Florida Tech strives to provide our students with the accommodations needed to be successful. In order to facilitate that process, students requesting accommodations should do so a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the start of a course through the Academic Support Center, Office of Disability Services. This time allows Florida Tech to prepare any course materials that may be required.

Individuals with disabilities needing special accommodation(s) should contact Rachel Densler, Disability Services Coordinator. She may be contacted by phone at (321) 674-8285 or by email

At the start of the academic term, the Office of Online Learning will provide the Academic Support Center with the faculty/course information for any students that have requested Florida Tech provide accommodations. The Office of Disability Services will reach out to faculty members to provide assistance and guidance in providing the student with the requested accommodations.

Can you give me information about Loan Deferments?
Florida Tech has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as an agent for all verifications of student enrollment and degrees. Please contact the Clearinghouse via e-mail at, by telephone at (703) 742-4200, or by fax at (703) 742-4239. Their hours of operation are 9 a.m.-7 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST on Friday. A direct link to the Clearinghouse for free enrollment verification is now available from the PAWS Student Records Menu. You may visit them at

I am a Florida Tech Online student--what should I do regarding my classes if a natural disaster occurs near my home?
If a natural disaster impacts the Melbourne, Florida area, all students should check the Florida Tech website or call (800) 888-4348 for updates.

In the event that a natural disaster occurs near the student's residence they should contact Customer Service at: 1-800-280-9718 at the earliest opportunity and inform them of the situation. They will make the appropriate contact to instructors. Final decisions on the appropriate timeline to complete course requirements are at the discretion of the instructor.

My instructor has asked me to submit a paper via What is that site?
Turnitin allows educators to check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases using the industry's most advanced search technology. Turnitin's comprehensive plagiarism prevention system lets Florida Tech faculty quickly and effectively check students' work. Results are based on exhaustive searches of billions of pages from both current and archived instances of the Internet, millions of student papers previously submitted to Turnitin, and commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals.

Is online tutoring available to Florida Tech Online students?
Online tutoring is available to students via a service called Smarthinking. Students can access this service by clicking on the Resources tab within their course site. For 1000 and 2000 level courses, there will be a direct link to Smarthinking at the course site. For all other courses, it will also be mentioned in the syllabus. Students can get live, online tutoring, as well as reviews and comments about essays and reports. If students are struggling with the course materials, professors may direct them to this service.

If you would like more information about this service, sample tutorials are available.

What makes a transcript official?
A transcript is considered to be official only when the issuing institution mails the transcript directly to the new school. This applies to international transcripts as well. For detailed information on international transcripts, please see the full policy.

Will I be required to take diagnostic assessments?
Yes. As a requirement for ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning, all degree seeking students must complete the Diagnostic Assessments, as assigned, regardless of transfer credits awarded or that are under evaluation. Transfer credits officially awarded will supersede scores received through the Diagnostic Assessments.

Can I take Equivalency Examinations or test out of courses?
Yes. At the undergraduate level, students may take CLEP/DANTES exams, and we will also accept AP exams. Minimum scores are required. For detailed information, please see the full policy.

Can I take courses at another institution while being enrolled at Florida Tech?
Yes, there is a limit of three courses. Prior approval is required by the Credential Evaluator Supervisor based on Florida Tech policy.

This FAQ does not list Florida Tech's complete policy for undergraduate online students studying at another institution. For the complete policy and procedure, please contact:

When will my financial aid start?
Your financial aid will begin at the beginning of the term in which you are officially admitted to the university.

When will I be contacted about my financial aid?
An award letter will be sent via e-mail to your Florida Tech email address after you are officially admitted into the university. You can contact the financial aid staff after receiving this information if you have any questions about your financial aid award.

Each student's financial aid situation is different and must be processed by a financial aid professional. So many factors play into financial aid awards; for that reason, students must be fully admitted into the university before a student's financial aid will be processed.

What happens if I withdraw from a term?
This will most likely have an adverse effect on your financial aid. You may have to pay out-of-pocket for future classes and/or have a balance due at Florida Tech as a result of withdrawing. Please contact the financial aid office to discuss the implications of your specific situation and your financial aid award.

Why have I been selected for verification?
As a rule, the federal government chooses one out of three students for verification. Please fill out the requested documents per instruction from the financial aid department, which may include verification documents and tax documents. The financial aid staff will contact you if there is further information that is needed in order to complete your verification.

When can I expect my disbursements to deposit into my account?
Loan funds for new first-time student borrowers at Florida Tech will not disburse until 30 days after the term begins. Disbursements for other funds or students who have completed their first term will typically deposit any time after the Friday of the second week of each term.

Why do I have to complete a FAFSA?
Federal regulations require all students to file a FAFSA to determine a student's need before any federal loans or grants can be awarded.

How does my Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) determine what I receive in awards?
The financial aid office uses your EFC in federal calculations to determine the amount of Pell grant, subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans a student is eligible for.

When do I have to pay my loans back?
Typically, students receive a 6-month grace period for Stafford Loans after they graduate or withdraw from classes. Your lender will send you notification when this grace period is coming to an end. It is also suggested that you contact your lender after graduation or withdrawal to inquire about the due date of your first payment.

How do I request a refund from my student account?
It is not necessary. Refunds are done automatically if there any excess funds in a student account.

As an online student, may I buy health insurance through the school?
No. Florida Tech Online students are not eligible to participate in the Florida Institute of Technology Student Health Insurance program. Online students do not meet the eligibility requirements.

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