Petition To Graduate

Congratulations!  You've been directed to this page because you are nearing completion of your degree requirements.

It's now time to plan for graduation.

Please complete a Degree Evaluation (CAPP report) in your PAWS account to ensure that your intended graduation term is not delayed. The evaluation will show remaining course requirements.

Consult your Program Advisor if you have any questions about your Degree Evaluation or program requirements.

The last step is to indicate what term you plan to graduate by completing the Petition to Graduate in PAWS. The form is located under ‘Student Records’ on the Student tab.  It is required that you complete the petition and select the appropriate graduation date for the term in which you will complete graduation requirements. Please note that the name printed on your diploma will be the same as it appears in your official student records and will be mailed to the address provided on the petition.

Petition to Graduate in PAWS


Spring 2 - 2022: February 11, 2022

Summer 1 - 2021: April 9, 2021

Summer 2 - 2021: June 4, 2021

Fall 1 - 2021: August 6, 2021

Fall 2 - 2021: October 1, 2021

Spring 1 - 2022: November 19, 2021