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Orientation @ Florida Tech

Panther Pass

The fast track through Orientation check-in!

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance into Florida Tech! We are excited that you are beginning your journey towards a degree with us! The process from acceptance to your first class is only two steps away: 1) complete the check-in process and 2) attend Orientation. All new students are required to attend the check-in process and the Orientation program. Our research shows that students who participate in the program are more successful at Florida Tech and are more likely to complete their degree. It is also one of the most memorable experiences at Florida Tech!!

Start Panther Pass

Check-In Begins Today

Several things need to be completed in order for a smooth transition into Florida Tech. Panther Pass is the key to completing all necessary processes. Students can complete all processes at their own pace but should remember that some processes take some time to complete. 

The Panther Pass program is designed to take students step by step through the check-in process and it should be each student’s goal to have everything completed before July 31st. Once everything is completed (and completed on time) the student is fully prepared for Orientation!

Now available through Panther Pass:

  • Housing Contract
  • Meal Plan Selection
  • Parking Pass Purchase
  • Placement Tests
  • Registration Information
  • Health Insurance Registration or Waiver
  • Online Library Access
  • Financial Aid
  • And much much more!

It is highly suggested that both parents and students take the time to thoroughly explore all of the amazing things offered through Panther Pass!


The final step to starting the journey is Orientation! The Orientation program will prepare the student for their journey towards a degree in three ways:

  • First, the student will receive all of the necessary information from the check-in process on the first day of Orientation. By checking in, Florida Tech can verify the student and mark that they are ready to go!
  • Second, the student will transition into their department where they will get to meet their advisers and the processes of their specific department.
  • Thirdly, students will get to meet other students who are beginning their college journey as well! During this time, students will get to make life long connections.

More information about the Orientation program can be found at Orientation Schedule or by checking out our Facebook page at, Florida Tech Orientation , and visiting our Instagram page, @floridatech_orientation. The Panther Pass process will also give more information but in the meantime, mark your calendars for an awesome Orientation experience!

Welcome to the Florida Tech Family!

Now that you know what it takes, let's get started! If at any time a question may arise, please contact the Office of Student Life at (321)674-8747 or by e-mail at