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Protestant Campus Ministry

Pastoral Care

PCM is served by a certified religious professional, a Campus Pastor, who is specially trained to serve the needs of the employees, students, and alumni, even when emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges arise in the course of their lives at Florida Tech. Many times a spiritual concern is at the heart of common issues.

Times when you might want to call on your Campus Pastor include:

  • When you need an introduction to or deeper knowledge/experience of the Bible and Christianity.

  • When you are trying to decide which educational/career path to tollow in life. The Campus Pastor can talk with you about the concept of "calling" based upon gifts, interests, and need.

  • When you would like a trained resource person to help you or your friends discuss and grapple with a difficult ethical, social, or spiritual issue. The Campus Pastor has training in the rich resources of various religious traditions, theology, practical Christianity, generational studies, and ethics to share with individuals or groups in a non-threatening, ecumenical environment. The Campus Pastor is interested in your opinions on current events and challenging issues.

  • When you are interested in getting married or deepening a relationship. The Campus Pastor is certified with the State of Florida as a provider of premarital counseling and, as a pastor, can perform wedding ceremonies. In addition, if you have relationship struggles, the Campus Pastor can help you work through them by examining yoru personal and relational Calling in life.

  • When you are lonely or feel that you do not fit in anywhere at Florida Tech. PCM offers activities and worshipful opportunities meant not only to sensitize you to religious and ethical values, but also to provide avenues of friendship, Christ-like support, and leadership. Even the act of serving others stirs the soul.

  • When you feel that you do not know what to believe or whom to trust anymore. The freshman or transfer year particularly can bring great turmoil as a student begins to question the very basis of her/his identity. New-found freedom and the pain of having so many choices can be a confusing experience, but with the appropriate direction, also a time of significant growth and inspiration. There are many PCM Opportunities each month that can positively guide your path.

  • When you are dealing with intense feelings of guilt over choices you have made, familial values, norms you feel you have violated, or modes of behavior you have adopted. A trained religious professional can help you understand your feelings, and speak a word of forgiveness.

  • When you are seriously ill or hospitalized for any reason. Illness far from home can be traumatic. A visit at the hospital by the Campus Pastor can reassure you that someone cares and that you are never alone.

  • When your are confronted with an issue related to death or loss. Perhaps someone close to you has died or you've experienced a major unexpected transition, and you are having trouble dealing with the pain or confusion. The Campus Pastor can be of invaluable spiritual assistance to employees, CAPS, and R.A.'s in helping a student or group deal with such ultimate concerns.

  • When you just want to "talk with someone." The Campus Pastor and Peer Ministers are available with a flexible schedule to act as a sounding board for your concerns and questions. If necessary, you may be referred to CAPS or an off-campus agency for additional help.