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Protestant Campus Ministry

Peer Ministry

Chaplain-based Ministry

In the chaplain-based ministry paradigm, the work of the campus ministry is done through the office of an ordained minister providing trained ministry for the campus. This pastor, a chaplain, provides for the spiritual support of the campus community by offering opportunities for worship, social activities, hands-on mission, Bible study, and pastoral care. The key advantage of this type of ministry is that it is led by a specially trained/long-term person with certifications in ministry.

Peer-based Ministry

The peer-based ministry paradigm is such that the work of the campus ministry is done through the efforts of student peer ministers providing ministry to the campus. Peer ministers have less training in ministry than a chaplain, but they have an advantage of generationally and educationally common experience with those to whom they minister.

Combined Chaplain/Peer Ministry

Combining both approaches is the method used within most campus ministries, including Florida Tech PCM. By having an ordained Chaplain to lead and one or more peer ministers to assist her/him, the strengths of both models are combined. This is the model that Jesus exemplified by finding disciples to assist him in his ministry.

PCM has had a total of fourteen paid peer ministers since Darice began as chaplain. They have been a tremendous help and blessing to the ministry, and their enthusiasm for serving God is inspiring.

Are you interested in Christian student leadership? Do you have a heart to fund peer ministers in PCM?