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Protestant Campus Ministry

Statement of Faith

God calls us in Jesus Christ to be a broad-based, para-church, pastor-led ecumenical ministry with the students and employees of the Florida Institute of Technology. We are guided by the Holy Spirit to present the transforming power of Christ, past, present, and future, so this ever-changing congregation may lovingly serve the Lord and other people through thought, word, and action. In a world reality where sin is practiced daily and thoughtful justice is a must, Protestant Campus Ministry offers peace, joy, and direction to young adults and future leaders making the most essential decisions of life - those of education, career, family, faith, and ethics. Guided by the written Word of Scripture, we seek to share a spiritual witness, practical resources, and Godly wisdom to the multinational campus community. Our ministry seeks to provide the community with well-rounded opportunities to enjoy fellowship in a Christian atmosphere, to participate in religious experiences that foster spiritual and intellectual growth, and to give service to the university, community, and beyond in keeping with Christian traditions. PCM is a mission that also seeks to augment and encourage the ministry of local churches, as appropriate. Prayer leads our journey as we address and celebrate our particular challenges and giftedness in this corner of the body of Christ.