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Protestant Campus Ministry


PCM operates as a young adult outreach, supported by several churches, and therefore it purposefully does not provide weekly worship. In this way, the chaplain encourages students' and employees' regular participation in church homes off campus (as the students will need to do upon graduation anyway). Worship is an important part of PCM and has taken the form of Agape meals, weddings, funerals, prayer vigils, praise services, beach and lake vespers, an All Hallow's Eve Resurrection Service, a Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance service, Taize', Iona, online worship, etc. Therefore, worship is generally held each month. Services are pastor-led or pastor-hosted, ecumenical, sometimes communion-oriented, contemporary, young adult emphasized, student-aided, and held in the All Faiths Center or at another inspiring location.

Join or contact us if you'd like to participate in, assist with, or have new ideas for our unique, monthly worship experiences. We have so much to praise God for!