Acceptable Use

Effective Date Apr 18, 2012

Granting access to all Florida Tech Information Resources is predicated on a basic set of reasonable and prudent usage behaviors of each individual. Policies and procedures have been established to clarify and formalize the expected behavior when accessing these resources. Each individual (faculty, staff or student) who is granted access to any Florida Tech owned, controlled or sponsored computer, network or Web resource is required to acknowledge and accept the applicable policy with the specified privileges and constraints.

Digital material that is made available for public or private access and viewing must adhere to all legal restrictions of the applicable intellectual property laws. The creation and thus ownership of all digital material is covered in Section III of this document with the restrictions of the related policy and procedure.

View the overall Information Technology policies and guidelines. While none of these will apply to the Access Florida Tech system, many will have inferences and overlap with the usage. The most applicable policy is IT-1001 Acceptable Use Policy for Campus Information Technology Services.

Additional assistance with these policies and procedures is available from Technology Support Services at or (321) 674-7284.