Effective Date Apr 18, 2012

There is an ever-increasing reliance on electronic forms of communication among faculty, staff and students. Additionally, announcements directed at general constituencies as well as specific individuals are posted on the public website and inside the various Web-based services comprising our portal. Because of the importance of this type of communication, announcements posted in the portal are considered official forms of communication at the university. This policy ensures that students and employees will have access to a university email and portal account, outlines each student’s and employee’s responsibilities in having such an account, and establishes expectations for communication between faculty and students for educational purposes and between the university and students for university business purposes. To abide with federal, state and local regulations, this policy must be strictly observed.

The Access Florida Tech portal will serve as the official internal communications vehicle for Florida Institute of Technology. This includes emergency information that may be necessary for the university to distribute in the event of university-wide class cancellations or other extreme situations. All members of the university community should look to the portal for official information concerning such occurrences.


Personal calendars are private to the individual unless they are shared out by the owner(s). Free and busy information is shared between accounts unless the owner has disabled access. Shared calendars are public information for any user to access.


Refer to the Email Rules and Etiquette

Social Media

Refer to the Social Media Policy