Governance of Access

Effective Date Apr 18, 2012

Leadership Committee

Access Florida Tech will be governed by an Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee that consists of employees from departments that have direct communication interests to all groups that Access Florida Tech serves (Students, Faculty and Staff). The leadership committee will report to ITEC and work closely with ACITC and ADITC. This committee is responsible for approving all additional content and/or functionality requested by members of the campus community. The committee will make their decision based on the approval process below:

Portlet/Page Approval Process

  1. Eligibility to Request a Portlet – Individuals affiliated with Florida Institute of Technology, including faculty, staff and recognized clubs/organizations/committees.
  2. Method of Requesting a Portlet – Portlet requests can be made by submitting a “Request New Portlet” form along with a content plan document.
  3. Request Information– Certain information will be collected from the requestor to facilitate the application process, including:
    1. Identification of the owner to ensure there is a plan to maintain the content, designation of a primary contact to facilitate reported problems with the content (dated, expired or incorrect), and overall responsibility for the content.
    2. Planned content for the first 16 weeks (minimum).
    3. Roles that should be associated with the Portlet.
    4. Non-duplication of existing content.
    5. Frequency of new content publication.
  4. Review Cycle – The Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee will review all requests on a quarterly basis.
  5. Portlet Approval Criteria– The items below are the minimum criteria to be used to approve creation of a portlet. Portlets will be considered by the Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee by adhering to the criteria as indicated. The committee has the right to approve or deny the use of a portlet.
    1. Content should not duplicate existing portlets.
    2. The nature of the content suggests creation of a new portlet, rather than inclusion in an existing portlet.
    3. The content should appeal to a significant user audience. Requestor may be asked to provide written justification to create portlets with a narrow or limited audience.
    4. Include a plan to maintain the portlet content.
    5. No commercial activity is allowed.
    6. Portlets with targeted content must contain content for the roles associated with the portlet. Users are assigned one or more roles based on information extracted from our database (Banner). A user will have the role of ‘student’ or ‘faculty’ or a combination of both if they hold multiple roles. The portal software uses roles to personalize content presented to users. Content must also adhere to the Florida Institute of Technology Acceptable Use Policy.