Meal Plan Choices

Meal Plans

All freshmen are required to select meal plan A1 or A2. Upperclassmen may choose A1, A2, U1 or U2. Meal plan contracts are for the academic year and may be changed between semesters by contacting the Campus Services Office. Flex Credits carry over between Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Flex Credits have no residual cash value and are zeroed out at the end of the Spring Semester.

Per Semester/Per Person

PlanNumber of Meals / Flex CreditsCost
Meal Plan A1 Unlimited meals 7 days/week & $300 Flex Credits $2,990
Meal Plan A2 Unlimited meals 5 days/week & $500 Flex Credits $2,990
Meal Plan U1* Unlimited lunch Mon.-Fri. & $750 Flex Credits $1,775
Meal Plan U2* $1,775 Flex Credits  $1,775
Commuter Plan C1** Unlimited lunch Mon.-Fri. $1,000
Commuter Plan C2** $600 Flex Credits  $600
Commuter Plan C3* $250 Flex Credits $250
Commuter Plan C4** Block 25 PDH Meals & $225 Flex Credits $475
Summer Plan A $250 Flex Credits $250
Summer Plan B $500 Flex Credits $500
Summer Plan C Block 50 PDH Meals & $100 Flex Credits $500

*Upperclassmen only  **Off-campus students only

Contact the Campus Services Office
321-674-8076, Fax 321-674-7444, email