Fitness and Free Weight Area

Effective Date May 12, 2009

Fitness & Free Weight Area

* Only facility staff is permitted to move equipment.

* Patrons must have a cloth towel to wipe down equipment.  The towel
must be large enough to cover the pad or the patron's back.  Towel must be kept with patron at all times.

* Patrons must be at least 14 years of age.  A parent/guardian must
accompany dependants 14-17 years of age.

* Appropriate attire is required at all times.  Denim shorts/pants,
open-toed shoes, and street shoes are not permitted.

* Any exercise involving lifting weights above shoulder level while
standing is prohibited.

* Only two sets of dumbbells are allowed at a bench at a time.  The
second set of dumbbells must be secured under the bench near the user's feet.

* Olympic-sized bars may only be used at the corresponding bench or
power rack.

* Personal training is not permitted, except by Clemente Center
Personal Trainers.

* Cardiovascular machine use is limited to 30 minutes unless there
are no patrons waiting.

* Food is not allowed.  Drinks in re-sealable containers are allowed
in fitness area except on black mats.

* Personal listening devices are permitted - no boom boxes.

* Use of collars is mandatory.

* All dumbbells and weights must be re-racked after use.  All free
weights must be kept in free weight area.

* All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed.
Top loading additional weights onto weight stacks is unsafe and prohibited.

* Standing on benches or equipment frames is not permitted.

* Do not lean weights or bars of any kind against the walls,
pillars, or equipment.

* Weight belts that may damage equipment must be removed or covered

* Slamming or dropping of weights is not permitted.  Spotters are
recommended.  Power lifting is prohibited.

* Report all injuries and maintenance concerns to the fitness staff.

* The exercise machines in this room are expensive and can be easily
damaged.  Please use them carefully and according to instructions.

* Personal belongings such as backpacks, wallets, etc. may not be
placed anywhere in the Weight & Fitness Room.  Please place these items in the storage compartments available or check out a locker at the front desk.