Course Load Limit

Effective Date Apr 30, 2014

Students enrolled in the ABA Online courses toward certification may only enroll in 3 CEUs per term unless preapproved for additional courses. To request permission to take additional credits in the same term, students will send a request to Students will submit and have evaluated unofficial transcripts of college-level courses taken at Florida Institute of Technology and other schools. They will also be interviewed to determine students' knowledge level and eligibility to take additional courses concurrently.

Courses that are prerequisites of each other may not be taken concurrently unless special permission is received and students have learned the prerequisite knowledge in other coursework.

The courses are rigorous, and students who request and are approved to take more than 3 CEUs concurrently, and then find they need to withdraw from one or more of the courses in that term, will be subject to the same refund policy and deadlines as those who take only 3 CEUs during a given term. No full refunds are provided.