Student Complaint Resolution Policy

Effective Date Mar 4, 2014


  1. To promote prompt resolution of perceived wrongs or injustices that may arise between students and faculty or staff members.
  2. To promote prompt resolution of grievances, whether academic or nonacademic in nature.
  3. To assure the right of privacy of all parties are maintained.
  4. To develop a higher sense of community among all persons at Florida Tech.

Informal Complaint Resolution Process

Occasions may arise in which a student feels that he or she has a legitimate basis for complaint. It is the policy of the university to promptly resolve these complaints. Those involved should initially attempt to resolve the matter informally and without the need to establish a record. The informal process for resolution of a complaint is as follows:

  1. When a student feels that he or she has a complaint, it should be taken by the student directly to the other party (or parties) involved.
  2. If the student and the other party are unable to resolve the matter or if for any reason the student does not feel at ease in going to the other party, he or she should contact the senior director of continuing education for assistance. Unit heads and directors are able to achieve a fair and equitable solution to most problems. If the student would rather not discuss the matter with the unit head or director, he or she may choose to go to the dean of students, or, if deemed necessary, to the vice president of student affairs.

Formal Complaint Resolution Process

Students have the right to submit a formal written complaint for any grievance. Students should submit the complaint to the senior director of continuing education by email, telephone (321) 674-8382, letter or fax (321) 674-7050.

The senior director will determine the appropriate person in the university to handle the problem and forward the complaint to that person. All written student complaints, with their resolutions, will be documented and the records maintained by the senior director of continuing education.

Sex Discrimination or Equal Opportunity

Complaints involving sex discrimination or equal opportunity can be resolved by using the procedures outlined above. However, if the student is not at ease with these procedures or feels them to be ineffective, he or she may seek the aid of the director of human resources, who is the Title IX coordinator, at (321) 674-8100. The Title IX coordinator is a person designated by the university to ensure it is in compliance with federal laws regarding the resolution of sex discrimination allegations. This individual has the added responsibility of ensuring compliance with all federal laws regarding equal opportunity.