Environmental Science (7222)

Effective Date Apr 27, 2018

Recommended Restricted Electives

ENS 3101 Atmospheric Environments 3
ENS 4004 Aquatic Environmental Toxicology
ENS 4009 Environmental Satellite Systems and Data
ENS 4010 Geographic Information Systems
ENS 4300 Renewable Energy and the Environment
ENS 4700 Environmental Hydrology
ENS 4701 Environmental Regulation and Impact Assessment 
MAR 1500 Introduction to Aquaculture 
MAR 2801 Biometry 
MAR 3510 Invertebrate Zoology
MAR 4030 Conservation Biology 
MAR 4620 Fish Aquaculture and Management 
MAR 4710 Marine Biology 
OCN 2801 Research Vessel Operations
OCN 4102 Marine and Estuarine Phytoplankton
OCN 4103 Marine and Estuarine Zooplankton
OCN 4104 Marine and Estuarine Benthos
OCN 4106 Mitigation and Restoration of Coastal Systems
OCN 4107 Pacific Coastal Environments
OCN 4204 Marine and Environmental Pollution
OCN 4704 Remote Sensing for Oceanography

Note: No course listed in the program plan as a named-required course may be used as a Restricted Elective.