Address Heirarchies

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

There are some restrictions in Banner on how addresses can be used within each system. The student system permits an address hierarchy to be used whenprinting reports. For instance, when invoices are run, the system can first search for a billing address and than a permanent address. The Finance system can have multiple entries for the same address type, distinguished with sequence numbers. This allows for multiple location for a single company. And finally, the Human Resource system can only use one address type when generating checks.

Student billing (invoices and statements) 1BI, 2PR, 3MA
Grade reports 1GR, 2BX, 3MA, 4PR
General correspondence 1BX, 2MA, 3PR
Financial aid letters Continuing Students: 1BX, 2MA, 3PR, 4FA
New Students: 1PR, 2MA, 3FA
Undergraduate Admissions 1MA, 2PR
Paychecks and W2s 1HR
S.E.G.S. 1MA, 2PR
Third-party billings 1BI
Auxiliary Services 1BX, 2MA, 3PR
Accounts Payable/Purchasing 1BU
Graduate Admissions 1MA, 2PR