Address types

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Address Types

Banner permits multiple addresses to be entered for a person or vendor. The use of each address type must be strictly defined so that conflicts do not arise among the various functional areas (admissions, registration, financial aid, student accounting, human resources, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, etc.) Because name and address data are shared by all areas, procedures are outlined at Name, ID, and Address Changes to make address changes only under certain conditions based upon the classification of the person or vendor.

Address Types

Note: Changes can only be made by the assigned Data Custodian Office.

BI - Student Billing Students billing address if different from PR
Custodian: Registrar's Office

BU - Business Vendor's business address used by Purchasing and Accounts Payable Depts.
Custodian: Purchasing and/or Accounts Payable

BX - Florida Tech Box Student/Employee Florida Tech Box No.
Custodian: Mailroom

FIT Box 1234
150 W University Blvd
Melbourne FL 32901-6975

FA - Financial Aid This address is automatically created by the Financial Aid tape load process. It is only used for mailing if no other address exits.
Custodian: Financial Aid

GR - Grade Report Student's address for grade reports if requested by the student
Custodian: Registrar's Office

HR - Employee Employee address. Because the HR system does not have an address hierarchy, it may be the same as the PR, MA, or BX if the employee is also a student.
Custodian: Human Resources Office

MA - Mailing Student's mailing address for general correspondence and grades, if different from PR. This must be a mailable address.
Custodian: Admissions-before student has attended, Registrar's Office after attended

OR - Original Address The student's original PR address at the time of admission to Florida Tech. All students converted from CICS were also assigned an OR address. This is only used by Institutional Research and should never be changed.
NO CHANGES ALLOWED, unless an error is found, then the Custodian Office which found error.

PR Permanent Student's permanent home address is required.
Custodian: Initially entered by Admissions and SEGS Admissions-before student has attended, Registrar's Office-after attended