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City and State Standards

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

City & State Standards

All information is to be entered using title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters). Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Enter the address using standard capitalization rules. If you are in doubt about an abbreviation, spell out rather than use abbreviation.

City is required for every address
City is always entered in the City Field
Punctuation is never used in the City Field
Sample City Abbreviations - Refer to Postal Addressing Standards for examples.

State Standards

Use the 2-letter state/province codes from the Banner State/Province Code Validation Table

U.S. addresses - all require a 2-letter state code in the State/Prov Field

Canadian addresses - all require a 2-letter province code in the State/Prov Field

Military addresses - all require a 2-letter code in the State/Prov Field

International addresses - the State/Prov field must be left blank

Military Two-Letter State Abbreviations:

Military APO/AFO Americas AA
Military APO/AFO-Europe, Middle East, Canada, Africa AE
Military APO/AFO-Pacific AP

*See Military Standards for more information