Florida Tech Box Address Standards

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Florida Tech Box Address Standards

Florida Tech Box addresses must be in a mailable format in any address type (i.e. MA, BX). All information is to be entered using title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters). Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Enter the address using standard capitalization rules.

Correct format:
John Smith
FIT Box 1234 (Street Line 1)
150 W University Blvd (Street Line 2)
Melbourne FL 32901-6975

Incorrect format:
John Smith
Florida Tech Box 1234
Melbourne FL 00000-0000

FYI: The mailroom assigns Florida Tech Box addresses and inputs the data into Banner.
This preferred FIT Box format is the recommendation of the Melbourne Post Office as advised by Dan Connors/Mailroom.