Identification Numbers

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Identification Numbers

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Before you create a new record for a person or organization, you must conduct a thorough ID and name search to make sure the person or organization hasn't already been entered in the Banner database. Refer to Search and Inquiry Techniques. All users must conduct a thorough search to prevent entering a duplicate record.

There are two fields in Banner that can contain Identification Numbers:

ID Field - Must be populated with SSN or ITIN. If SSN or ITIN unavailable, populate with a Banner 9XXXXXXXX generated ID.

SS Field - Can only contain a valid SSN or ITIN. If no valid SSN or ITIN, this field should be left blank. Banner generated 9XXXXXXXX numbers are not permitted in this field

Identification Numbers (ID Field)

For all Persons and Non-persons, all identification numbers consists of a unique nine-digit number.
Note: Do Not Enter Dashes or symbols.

Non-international Students and Staff: Social security number will be used as ID number for all Florida Tech students and staff. If a student refuses to use their Social Security number as identification, contact the Registrar's Office.

International Students: Must be populated with ITIN. If an international student does not have an ITIN, the admissions office will assign system generated numbers for international students in the form 900XXXXXX in the ID Field.

Vendors: The FIN (Federal Identification Number) will be used. If no FIN number exists, the proprietor's Social Security Number will be used.


900103481 (previously @00103481)
990002389 (previously XX0002389)

99 numbers are no longer issued but are maintained for historical purposes. All XX and @ numbers have been converted to 99 and 9, but the XX and @ numbers are maintained only for historical purposes.