Last Names

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

All information is to be entered using title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters). Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Enter the legal spelling and format of the last name, using standard capitalization rules. If no last name exists, leave the field blank.

Because of so many legal variations in last names, be sure to use proper search techniques prior to adding or changing a name in Banner.
When in doubt, do NOT use any symbols or punctuation.

Permitted use in Last Names:

Hyphens may be used to separate double last names (sometimes used in ethnic names or by persons who wish to utilize their maiden and married names). However, if there are two last names unhyphenated (e.g., Monica Lou Creton Quinton, Monica would be input as the first name; Lou would be input as the Middle Name; and Creton Quinton would be input as Last Name).

Apostrophes may be used in such names as O'Leary, O'Connor, etc.

Spaces are permitted if the legal spelling and format of the name includes spaces. If in doubt if a space legally exists, include a space.

Not permitted use in Last Names:

Do NOT use titles, prefixes, and suffixes in this field. Enter prefixes and suffixes on the General Person Form (XXXPERS).

Examples: Dr., Mr., Mrs., III., Jr., etc., should never be entered in the name field.

The period is not used, not even in an abbreviation in a person's name (i.e., R John Smith, John R Smith).

Commas and the pound sign (#) are never used.

McDonald, Mac Phearson, La Pine, St John, Van Husen, De La Rosa, Van der Linden, Cooper-Smith