Permitted Use in Non-Person Vendor

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Hyphens may be used to separate double names.
Apostrophes may be used.
Spaces are permitted between multiple names. If in doubt if a space legally exists, include a space rather than a hyphen.
Ampersand are used only when part of a formal name (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad); use "and" in all other cases.
Abbreviations are allowed for Co, Corp, Ltd, or Inc when used after the name of a corporate entity. All other forms of abbreviations should not be used for the corporate entity name.
Acronyms - Companies who are recognized by their acronyms should be entered using their acronym (i.e., ITT, IBM). Use no spaces or punctuation between letters. Companies that are not commonly recognized should not be entered using acronym such as U of K (University of Kansas).

Not Permitted use in Non-person/Vendor

Do NOT use titles, prefixes, and suffixes in this field. Enter prefixes and suffixes on the General Person Form (XXXPERS).
The period is not used, not even in an abbreviation in a company's name (i.e., F&F Securities).
Commas and the pound sign (#) are never used.


Company Name ---- Entered in Banner As:
A T & T ---- AT&T
I.B.M. ---- IBM
The Blind Spot ---- Blind Spot
Advanced Laser Technology Corp. ---- ALTEC
R.R. Bowker ---- RR Bowker
University of Florida ----- University of Florida
Al's Trophy Shop ---- Al's Trophy Shop

Government Offices
State and County departments and agencies should be entered with the State or County as the vendor. Each department or agency should be listed as a separate address sequence.


State of Florida Department of Revenue
State of Florida would be entered as the vendor name
Address Sequence 1 : Department of Revenue
Address Sequence 2 : Department of Transportation
Address Sequence 3 : Department of Taxation