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Telephone Standards

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Telephone Standards

The telephone number is presented in a three field format:

Area Code
The three-digit area code must be entered for all phone numbers.

Phone Number
Enter the seven-digit number without inserting a hyphen.

If an extension number is provided, enter only the digits of the extension. Do NOT enter EXT or X into the extension field.
Maximum extension size is 4 numbers.


Note: Changes can only be made by the assigned Data Custodian Office.

BI Student Billing
Student billing number if different from PR
Registrar's Office/Accounting

BU Business
Vendor's business telephone, used by Purchasing and Accounts Payable Depts.
Purchasing and/or Accounts Payable

FA Financial Aid
Only created if no other exists.
Financial Aid

HR Employee
Employee home phone number
Human Resources Office

MA Mailing
Usually a local number.
Admissions/Registrar's Office/Auxiliary Services

OR Original Address
Student's permanent home phone-required. Initially entered by Admissions
NO CHANGES ALLOWED, unless error found.

PR Permanent
Student's permanent home phone-required. Initially entered by Admissions
Admissions/Registrar's Office