Lost And Found

Effective Date Apr 9, 2008

While the Evans Library will help its patrons with lost items, the Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into the building and patrons are expected to keep their belongings, especially valuables, within their sight at all times.

The Library cannot guarantee the item you lost will be found. However, the Library would like to provide a convenient mechanism for returning lost items to their owners when found. The Library Lost & Found Policy establishes a procedure regarding the handling and return of items found in the library, the disposition of unclaimed items, and a mechanism to track items reported lost.

Library iDesk staff are the only group within the library that will handle all lost and found items.  Valuable items such as wallets, purses, passports, cash, checks, credit cards and electronics of value over $50.00 will have different treatment. The iDesk staff will log found items and store them, if they fall in a certain category, in a secure location. 

Procedure for Found Items

  1. All items that are determined to be a health, safety, or security concern will be discarded in an appropriate manner immediately. 
  2. Items of obvious value, such as jewelry, laptop computers, and cameras will be held until the end of the semester, then used as the library sees fit. Cash, wallets, and checkbooks will be held for 2 days, after this time they will be turned over to Florida Tech Security.
  3. University property, weapons, prescription drugs, and controlled substances will be turned over to Florida Tech Security.
  4. Student consumer goods like notebooks, writing instruments, documents, and art supplies; recyclable paper and anything else we judge unlikely to be claimed will be disposed of or used as we see fit if not claimed by the end of the semester.
  5. Passports that belong to Florida Tech students will be kept at the library until claimed. Other university offices will be informed that students found passports are held at the library. US Passports that do not belong to university members (students, faculty and staff) will be held for one week. After this time they will be sent to:

    U.S. Department of State
    CA/PPT/S/L/LE, 4th Floor

  6. Foreign Passports that do not belong to university members will be sent to the Embassy of that specific country.
  7. Clothing items that are not claimed by the end of the semester will be donated to charitable organizations.
  8. Florida Tech IDs will be sent to Campus Services if not picked up by the end of the business day.
  9. Food products, containers, and items too soiled too be used by a charitable organization, will be disposed off immediately. Reusable water bottles will be emptied, rinsed, stored until the end of the semester, if not claimed they will be disposed as the library sees fit.
  10. Books and audiovisual materials will be held until the end of the semester then considered for addition to the library collection.

Claims Procedures of Found Items

  1. Library iDesk staff must fill out information in the Lost & Found Log.
  2. If the owner can be identified – send an email stating the item was found and held at the Florida Tech Evans Library iDesk. If items are not claimed within the semester, they become the property of the library to keep or dispose as it sees fit.
  3. If keys are found notify Florida Tech Security immediately and keep them at the iDesk until Security picks them up or a library staff person delivers them to the security office
  4. All Lost & Found items will be secured at the iDesk until properly treated.
  5. Owners of ID cards will be notified and IDs kept until the close of business that day, after this time they will be sent to campus services.
  6. Claimants may claim property during library business hours.
  7. A person claiming an item must be able to describe it accurately. The claimant is required to produce ID and contact information, and sign the original Lost & Found notebook to indicate they have claimed the lost item(s).

Contact Info

Contact lost and found by phone at (321)-674-8086 or by email at evanslibrary@fit.edu.

Presumed Stolen

If you believe you have had items stolen in the library, please contact Florida Tech Security at (321)-674-8111