Technology Lending

Effective Date Apr 9, 2008

Technology Lending Policy

Evans Library provides a variety of technology items and equipment that are available for loan to current students, faculty and staff. The following conditions must be met:

  • Users must be in good standing and present a valid Florida Tech ID Card when borrowing an item.
  • Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Items may not be reserved in advance and no renewals are allowed.
  • Loan periods vary depending on the device. See below.
  • If tech lending items go into Overdue status, library privileges will be suspended until the item is returned. 
  • When borrowing or using equipment, please bring any problems to the attention of library staff immediately.
  • As the borrower, you are responsible for the safety and security of the equipment and its components while it is checked out to you.
  • Never leave items unattended, in direct sunlight or in a place subject to extreme temperatures.
  • Borrowers must return items to the iDesk at least 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Do not return technology equipment in a book return drop.
  • When returning technology equipment, wait for library staff to check the device for damage and verify that all of the components have been returned, e.g., manual, power cords, USB cords, etc. 
  • If a component is missing, you will be charged the cost of replacing the lost component. If it is not possible to purchase a replacement, you will be charged the replacement cost of the entire piece of equipment.
  • Replacement cost will be assessed at the current market price at the time the item is identified as lost. 
  • You will be charged the full repair or replacement cost if the equipment is lost, damaged or stolen while it is checked out to you.
  • Technology equipment that is not returned will be considered lost and full replacement cost will be charged. A block will be placed on the user’s library and student accounts.
  • The following table does not represent the entirety of the Technology Lending collection. Any items not listed below will also be assessed at the current market price for replacement costs. 


Technology Equipment and Loan Information

DeviceQtySpecsLoan PeriodLate Fee

Approximate Replacement Cost per item

BeagleBone Black 2 element14 3 weeks $10/hr $70
Raspberry Pi 8 Model B+ 3 weeks $10/hr $90

RedBoard Arduino Kits

8 Slightly Modified Arduino Uno 3 weeks $10/hr $120

Wacom Graphing Tablet 

1 Pen Tablet, Intuos Pro Professional 72-hour $10/hr $500 
Video Camera 1

Panasonic HC-V770 w/32 GB SD card

48-hour $10/hr $500
Digital Camera 1

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS. Tripods also available

48-hour  $10/hr  $250 
Gimbal Stabilizer  1

Lanparte HHG-01 Handheld  3-axis

48-hour $10/hr $320
Digital USB Microphone 1 Telex M-560 48-hour $10/hr $75
Simple VR Google Goggles 5 VR 3D Goggles for smartphones 24-hour  $10/day $30 
USB DVD Writer 1 Samsung SE-S084 24-hour $10/hr $100
Video Projector 3 AAXA MP-300-02 LED Showtime 3D Pico/Micro  24-hour  $10/hr   $555 
Graphing Calculator 7 TI-89 Titanium (5); TI-84 Plus Silver Ed (2) 24-hour $10/hr $200
Financial Calculator 1 TI- BA II Plus 24-hour $10/day $45
Multiview Calculator 3 TI-30XS 24-hour $10/day


Scientific Calculator 6 Casio FX-115ES Plus 24-hour $10/day


Laser Pointer / Presentation Mouse  4 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Control Laser Pointer


$10/day $10
Laptop Computer 4 Dell


$10/hr $1000
Laptop Computer 5 Dell, Lenovo

4-hour, in library only

$10/hr $1000
iPad   6 Retina Display 4-hour, in library only  $10/hr $600
USB Phone Charger 10

iPhone/Android/Type C with power blocks 

4-hour, in library only  $1/hr  $6.50
Multitool Adaptor 1 Lifetrons Lightning Edition for iOS 4-hour $1/hr  $100 
Touch Screen Stylus 6 Universal Capacitive 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $10
Headphones 7 Califone 3068AV 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $25
Macbook HDMI Adapter 6 MacBook Mini Display to HDMI adapter 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $10
MacBook Power Brick Power adaptor for Apple MacBook  24-hour  $1/hr  $10 
Power Adaptor 3 European and Universal 4-hour, in library only $1/hr  $25 
Conferencing Speakerphone  Jabra Speak 510 for PC  2-hour, in library only  $1/hr  $200 

For questions about our Technology Lending Policy, please contact the iDesk at 321-674-8086.