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FH 2.14 Policies Governing Hours of Work

Effective Date Jul 14, 2016

FH 2.14 Policies Governing Hours of Work

Full-time faculty covered by these policies are expected to give freely of their time, energy and ability to furthering the aims and purposes of the university and the accomplishment of their work. Because of the peculiar requirements of various positions, some variation in work schedule is normal. Except for formally scheduled classes and other activities, work schedules of full-time faculty members are necessarily flexible, and discretion must be used to guide their use of time in extracurricular and other duties related to proper professional services as teachers. Similarly, those employed for full- or part-time research, or part-time teaching and part-time research have work demands that do not conform to hourly schedules, and discretion must guide their use of time. The appropriate academic unit head will approve the normal work schedules for each individual and activity.

If the faculty member’s arrival date on campus is after the beginning date of the faculty contract, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to inform their department or academic unit head of when they will arrive on campus each term and why they will be absent from campus.

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