FH 2.15.1 Conflict of Interest

Effective Date Jan 9, 2013


The responsibility for adhering to the rules on conflict of interest and outside activities rests with the faculty member. Full disclosure and discussion of all potential and actual conflicts makes it possible to address issues and prevent future problems arising for the faculty member or the university. The review and oversight responsibility rests with the department head and the dean or director of the college or other academic unit in which the faculty member is employed. Faculty must provide sufficient information to those with review and oversight responsibility for an informed decision concerning the outside activity or financial interest. The deans and directors are the designees of the president of the university in implementing the university’s policies on outside activities and financial interests. It is their responsibility to make sure the annual employment contract indicates no outside activities or financial interests need be reported. The deans and directors are responsible for ensuring that all copies of the completed disclosure forms are appropriately distributed in a timely manner to the faculty member and the department head or other appropriate administrator.


Any faculty member engaging in independent outside activities must recognize that he/she is performing such activities as an individual and cannot represent that he/she is acting on behalf of the university.

For example, a faculty member may not use Florida Tech letterhead or a Florida Tech e-mail address in conducting outside activities. The faculty member must take reasonable precautions to insure that the outside employer or other recipient of services understands the employee is engaging in the outside activity as a private citizen and not as an employee, agent or spokesperson of the university.


Any use of university equipment, facilities or services with regard to an outside activity must be approved before the activity. In general, the use of these resources will be allowed only on a noninterference basis, and a charge may be assessed.

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