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FH 2.18 Policy on Faculty Advising

Effective Date Feb 6, 2014

See also faculty guideline “Faculty Advising” for guidelines and procedures for successful advising.

Every student at the university is assigned a full-time faculty member as his or her faculty advisor. Faculty advisors should instill in their advisees a confidence that the academic, professional and social development of the student is their serious concern. They should advise students concerning their courses of study after making a thorough examination of the student’s past academic performance, not only at Florida Tech, but also at any other school the student has attended. They assist students in career development and advise on course selection during registration. Faculty advising is one of the most important responsibilities of a faculty member outside the classroom.

Faculty should be familiar with policies covering confidentiality of student records and cheating/plagiarism, covered in the following two sections.

2.18.1 Employee Responsibilities Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Security and confidentiality of student records are a responsibility of all faculty members. Adherence to the guidelines is absolutely required for all employees and enables the campus community to avoid student complaints under FERPA.

2.18.2 Cheating/Plagiarism

(Note: For graduate students, see Graduate Policy 4.12.)


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