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FH 2.20.1 Policy on Research Proposals

Effective Date Jul 4, 2011

The principal investigator is responsible for the scientific merit of a proposal. Adequate care must be taken to explain and document the proposed research topic. Proper consideration must be given to the procedure for carrying out the proposed investigation including the amount of time required and the total cost of the work. The principal investigator is also responsible for defending the proposal and must take into account that a proposal submitted to a funding agency reflects on the academic and research stature of the university.

The principal investigator should contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for current fringe benefits and indirect cost rates before preparing the budget. An internal budget form must also be completed. Approval by the principal investigator, academic unit head, dean and vice president for research confirms and commits Florida Tech to the staffing requirements and support facilities, and any Florida Tech matching contributions, which are not necessarily a part of the budget submitted to the sponsoring agency.


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